3 Life-Changing Lessons You Learn When You Challenge Yourself: Article by Abby Cuffey, Ironman Princeton 70.3 finisher, 2014, “Four months, many hours of training, and one day of activity later…I am a (half) ironwoman!”

From Injured to Ironman: Recent blog article about Shawna Eikenberry, Ironman Finisher, Louisville, 2014

“Coach Kam helped me realize through her professional coaching and training that I can stretch beyond my self-perceived physical, psychological and emotional limits as an amateur triathlon competitor.”
David Martz, Ironman Finisher, Mont Tremblant, 2012

“When I decided to train to run my first half-marathon, I was overwhelmed by the training plans I was finding online. I didn’t know which plan was best for me as I am a mom to 3 kids and fairly ‘new’ to running as well.  I contacted Kamden and we discussed putting together a plan that would fit my lifestyle.  Kamden provided me with a week-by-week breakdown of all of my workouts.   Since I live in Atlanta, she provided me with links to videos of each exercise as well.  Kamden’s support via email and phone was invaluable during my 9 weeks of training.  She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and encouraged me along the way.  Kamden helped me set realistic goals for the race and prepared me both physically and mentally. I finished the half-marathon 10 minutes faster than the ‘goal’ I set.  The training plan and support provided by Kamden were integral to my success!”
Carri Abramowitz Gaudion, Runner, Half Marathon Finisher, Worcester, June 2011, Marathon Finisher, Worcestor, June 2012, Boston Marathon, 2013, going back in 2014 to finish the .5 to complete the Boston Marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“During her time at Sport and Health, Kamden was committed to the vision and mission of the company. She greeted everyone at the front door cheerfully, and was willing to take the extra time to answer questions regular gym clients had regarding health and fitness. She performed fitness assessments 2-3 times per week. This included circumference measurements, body fat analysis, flexibility tests, and orientation to traditional and new approaches in fitness training. Each workout she developed was tailored for the individual client. The weekly workouts were varied to promote diversity and motivate clients, while still targeting the major muscle groups and clients’ desires. She supported her clients outside the gym. Ms. Hoffmann attended races and cheered her clients on to provide additional motivation. What her clients needed, she provided.”
Corey Mottesheard, Fitness Director, Sport & Health, Alexandria, Virginia

“I’ve been an aspiring runner for several years and I decided I wanted to do a 10km run. I mentioned this to Kamden and she very enthusiastically said she could help. I was slightly concerned given that I live several continents away but she assured me that we would be able to work together. Indeed the training plan that she sent me and the ideas and suggestions for how to improve my running speed and endurance have so far been hugely impactful and I have seen a remarkable improvement in both areas. The format and layout of the training plan make lots of sense, the combination of strength training and cardio workouts as well as core and high impact work fuse together to make an effective workout. Kamden is available and responsive, encouraging and motivating. I like that she seeks out feedback and modifies things accordingly. She is always checking in to see that I am managing with the plan and has been super supportive when I have been unable to stick to the workouts. One of the best things about working out with her is that she applies the same principles that she promotes to herself. Its not every day that one can say they are training with someone who has completed an Ironman competition! its inspiring to work out with someone who pushes herself as much as she pushes you.”
Noni G., Aspiring Runner, New Delhi, India

“I knew that if I wanted to be successful in triathlons, I needed personal training help beyond basic cookie-cutter training programs and magazine articles. Kamden not only provided me with a customized training schedule to meet my needs and goals, but also makes herself easily available by phone, in person, or by e-mail with an honest, caring attitude. She is attentive about making sure I understand workouts, routines, and addressing any questions or concerns I have.  It’s safe to say I’d be nowhere near the level I am today without her help, and she is just as much, if not more passionate about my success than I am. Her drive and motivation is infectious.”
Tony Zoroya, Triathlete
Multiple Half Ironman Finisher, 2011/12, Ironman Arizona Finisher, 2012

“Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. The workout plan you sent was amazing. Going to the gym never felt so good. I like being able to get in there to do the work out you gave me and leave the gym completely satisfied. You were able to hit every body part I had an issue with. Even being in another state I felt like you were right there to answer and questions I had or emailed me with pictures and info I needed. I am 36 years old and feel like I’m in my 20′s again. I feel AMAZING and can’t thank you enough. I can see my abs again!!!! I can’t wait to see next month’s routine.” Keith Cohen, Athlete